Name: Mr Sunil Siddharth Lalbhai
Date of Birth: March 15, 1960
Brief Resume: Mr S S Lalbhai is the Non-executive Chairman since 2008.

Mr Lalbhai is the Chairman and Managing Director of Atul Ltd.

Mr Lalbhai is a Member of the Governing Council of Shree Vallabh Shikshan Ashram and a Trustee on the Board of BAIF Development Research Foundation; he has been nominated as the Chairman of DHRUVA and GRISERV, two trusts promoted by BAIF. He is a Trustee or a Member of some of the other social institutions established by Lalbhai Group.

Mr Lalbhai holds MS degree in Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts and MS degree in Economic Policy and Planning from Northeastern University.
Directorships in Other Companies: Public Companies:
Amal Ltd - Chairman
Atul Ltd - Chairman and Managing Director
Atul Rajasthan Date Palms Ltd
Navin Fluorine International Ltd
Wyeth Ltd

Private Companies:
Membership in Committees of Other Companies: Chairman of Committee:
Navin Fluorine International Ltd - Remuneration Committee

Member of Committees:
Atul Ltd - Investment Committee
Atul Ltd - Share Transfer and Shareholders’ | Investors’ Grievance Committee
Navin Fluorine International Ltd - Audit Committee
Wyeth Ltd - Shareholders’ | Investors’ Grievance Committee
Base: Mumbai and Atul
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